Why investing in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg?

A real niche for investors, Luxembourg is among the most competitive countries in Europe (IMD 2017 ranking).

Located at the heart of Europe, its strategic position and infrastructures easily connect it to its European neighbours. Also, Luxembourg benefits from an excellent motorway, rail and air network.

Ranked by the Mercer study as one of the safest capitals, Luxembourg City is without a doubt a city open to the world, which ensures the security of people and property.

Its political and social stability, the diversification of its economy, as well as the favourable administrative and tax environment regarding new investments and entrepreneurship make Luxembourg a very modern country. The country can adapt to economic changes, offering flexibility for companies willing to settle there.

New technologies and new business models are strongly supported by the Government, offering new career opportunities for workers and attracting many expatriates with specific skills.

The population of the country has doubled since 1952 and analysts predict that it will double again by 2060. An additional 500,000 people are expected.

To welcome its new inhabitants, Luxembourgish and foreigners, Luxembourg is giving birth to new neighbourhoods throughout the country, including the capital. This intense development of real estate programmes offers safe and profitable investments that energize the rental market.

Why calling Home Axess?
Our team of professionals specialised in new-build real estate offers guidance and personalised support throughout your project.
More than an agency, we are your partners.
Our agency selects properties that meet your investment objectives, whether you are an investor or acquiring your future main residence, and provide you with the best advice.
Our advisors have the necessary technical education to advise you through the full purchase process, and in the manifold possibilities available to you. You will get the assistance you need to understand the specifications of our properties, review and validate the plans, sign the contract as well as plan your future interior.
With our multilingual team and our international outlook, we have the capacity to welcome local and foreign investors and offer tailor-made services for the complete management of their estate projects, namely:
  • Assistance for research and purchase
  • Estimate of your local real estate assets
  • Resale of your property in the Grand Duchy and abroad
  • Rental and search for tenants
  • Rental management
  • ... And any other mission you would like to give us!